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Welcome to CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre Mercosur

“We are the only European international law firm with a presence in the Mercosur. Our multinational and cross-functional teams efficiently practice in the entire region.”

Patrick Patelin

We have offices with local and foreign lawyers in the Mercosur, forming cross-border teams comprising professionals from each office, depending on the jurisdiction involved and/or the skills and expertise required.

Clients who choose CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre Mercosur are guaranteed the utmost level of professionalism and proficiency in the law of the relevant jurisdiction(s) involved.

Our expertise and know-how, acquired through resolving problems encountered by foreign investors, enables us to provide large corporations, midsize and small businesses and individual clients with the most efficient legal and tax solutions for their particular commercial needs.

Our multinational, multicultural, multidisciplinary teams, composed of South American and European legal experts and other supporting professionals, are recognised authorities in their respective countries, who work in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese in compliance with a strict ethical code binding both our lawyers and staff, thereby safeguarding our clients’ interests.

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